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Gravure Industrielle LePage offers a wide range industrial marking machines and equipment.



Gravure Industrielle LePage is a reseller of  the EC series percussive pin otherwise known as dot matrix indenting marking systems. These simple machines use an electromagnetically driven stylus to engrave markings on various materials. 2 fonts are included and are scalable. Some of the options available are date coding and serialization. For more demanding applications software can be installed on a computer and an RS232 link established to the machine to download more complex marking programs.

Pneumatic impact marking cylinders are also available. A stamp can be fixed to the moving end, enabling rapid and efficient marking of objects on a production line, or on a machine. Marking presses are available. These can be of varying sizes and tonnages to meet the required application. Automatic controls are optional. Hand held air marking hammers are available These are most useful where there is a need for powerful, rapid, and portable marking. They weigh 8 lb. and have an 8 ton impact force which is enough to mark 6 3/8" characters into steel. The hammers have been improved and they are more reliable than before. We can repair any hammer sold
Automatic marking heads are order item These are adaptable to most marking presses or production lines. The sizes, fonts, and the number of divisions on each marking wheel can be customized. Nameplate detail marking presses such as this model can feature characters that range in size from 1/16" to 1/4". Wheel Stamp
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