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LePage Industrial Engraving was founded by brothers Jean-Paul and Yvon LePage in the early 40's on St-Peter St. in downtown Montreal. The company then moved into their 1540 Craig St. E. location a few years later following increasing demand for their services. The founders did a variety of tool room related engraving work, mostly in the marking tool and mould engraving areas. The sixties saw rapid growth for the company and may new pieces of machinery such as Gorton pantograph's and mills were purchased from Rudel Machinery at the time.

Yvon LePage was responsible for the creation on the LePage line of heavy-duty steel hand stamps well known to local industry from the sixties on up by their brown or green pine box stands and the LePage Bros. size tag.

The mid eighties saw many changes in both the industry and the company as it changed hands and moved into the Laval Industrial Park as both Hugh and Eric LePage took over as second generation operators. Many changes followed later that decade with the introduction of EDM processes, 3D pantograph duplicators and the air conditioning of the plant.

The early nineties were marked by the company's first 3 axis CNC engraving machine purchase as well as the programming software to go along with it. Many other machines and accessories were added in that same decade giving the company 4-axis roll engraving capabilities using either high speed engraving or 40 taper milling / machining.

In the new millennium we have installed both a dual spindle auto tool change engraving centre with 60,000 rpm engraving spindles as well as a second 4-axis machine both using high speed machining 32 bit controls.

All of our staff have technical school training and embrace our company's do it right the first time high quality way of doing things and take pride in our clean and well organized housekeeping practices. Nothing leaves the plant until it is fully inspected and found to be 'just right' and within specification.

We are confident you will be well pleased with our durable long lasting high quality marking tools and precision engraving services now spanning over six decades.

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